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I understand that your life’s work deserves careful protection and precise planning. That’s why I've developed a straightforward, effective approach to estate planning that empowers you and secures your legacy. My unique four-part PLAN process ensures that every detail of your estate is handled with your vision and values at the forefront.

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Your empire deserves a lasting legacy, not a courtroom battle. Witnessing too many families destroyed by disputes over estates, I am committed to ensuring your plans are clear, legally binding, and reflective of your deepest wishes.

Don't let courts and outsiders make decisions for you. With ME, Marques Eason, your estate is planned with precision, ensuring peace of mind for you and those you love.

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Our Plan Framework


This is the beginning of the process to get clients organized and ready for the estate planning design system. Truly focused on building a solid foundation for legacy.

Assisting clients in gathering necessary financial documents. asset identifications, and making future considerations as well to ensure proper structure.


Focusing on the legacy clients wish to leave behind, this part emphasizes the importance of how assets and values are passed on to future generations to shape the future.

This includes decisions about inheritances, charitable donations, and how to preserve one’s memory through various means. We also guide clients in how they want to be remembered and how their values can be reflected in their legacy.


In this portion of the process, we will focus on the strategic allocation of assets to heirs, ensuring that the client’s wishes are clearly executed in terms of who receives what and when.

Our main objective is to strategically plan the distribution of assets to ensure clarity and minimize future disputes.


This step ensures that all aspects of the estate plan are compliant with current laws and regulations, and that the plan remains effective under changing legal landscapes.

This step ensures all elements of the estate plan comply with federal and state laws. Regular updates and reviews to adapt to changes in legislation.

Your Estate Planning & Real Estate Attorney

At the Marques Eason Law Group, we focus on Estate Planning, Real Estate Closings, and Probate.  We are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system powerfully to protect your empire.


Our Practice areas

We Work With Clients Just Like You to Get Results.

Our specialty is Estate Planning for families. We gladly assist people safeguard their hard-earned legacies, from finances to real estate, with strategic estate planning. 

We work with both sellers and buyers to protect their interests when buying or selling their homes.  Our clients trust us to fight hard for their interests no matter what side they are on.  We are your partners at the closing table.

Having a will in place can certainly simplify the probate process. When a person passes away without a valid will at the time of their death, the matter will proceed to “intestate” probate. This means that the laws of your state will dictate who inherits what from the decedent.

Depending on how the decedent's estate was structured, it may be possible to avoid probate altogether. Give us a call to help you navigate this terrain powerfully.

Typically, the probate process begins when a petition is submitted to the court, transmitting the will into probate and recognizing the appointment of an executor for the estate. The court would designate an administrator if the decedent died without a will.

A lawyer is required for probate cases in Illinois. Seasoned legal representation can assist the executor or administrator and provide peace of mind throughout the process. A local attorney could also advocate for interested parties and beneficiaries in a probate case.

In the process of a residential real estate transaction, the acceptance of an offer is a huge milestone for both the buyer and the seller. Buyers and sellers without legal representation run the risk of committing critical errors at this point in the process, but an experienced real estate attorney can decrease these risks by helping clients understand the terms of their agreements and attend to all important details, thereby smoothing the path to a successful closing.

We make sure all of our clients interests are in tact and contractually sound. You want to hire your own attorney and not leave this for the realtor to chose for you. Protect your interests!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the South Suburbs of Chicago or Atlanta, The Marques Eason Law Group, has the legal knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goal.

Contact ME For Your Attorney For Legal Assistance

Dealing with the legal complexities of probate law can be difficult for anyone, especially when grieving the loss of a loved one. A Chicago probate lawyer at our firm is here to explain every step of the proceedings and support you in this challenging time.

If you have questions about how probate works in Illinois or need legal counsel for any aspect of the process, do not hesitate to reach out to our office. Call the Marques Eason Law Group now to set up your case consultation.


I Ain't Done Living Yet

I Ain't Done Living Yet is a story of survival—on March 18, 2020, Marques Eason was admitted to the hospital after experiencing symptoms, and ultimately testing positive for, the coronavirus (COVID-19). Fifteen days under sedation (on a ventilator), two dialysis sessions, two blood transfusions, internal bleeding, blood clots in my left leg and my right hand, a battle with pneumonia, a stroke, and the tips of two right fingers amputated…yet he lived to tell his COVID-19 story:

There is no question that my faith, as well as that of my close friends and family members, was tested during this difficult, uncertain time, as it had been at other times throughout my life. But as always, God had a purpose for me; He put me through the various challenges of financial stress, homelessness, and a seven-year struggle to (ultimately) pass the Illinois bar exam, in part, to prepare me for His purpose.

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