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For many people, estate planning is focused on what they want to happen after their death. By creating a will, a person can make decisions about how their final affairs should be handled. However, a comprehensive estate plan can also make sure a person's wishes will be followed while they are still alive, including in situations where they may become unable to make decisions on their own. Powers of attorney are a powerful tool that can be used in these cases, and they can offer a person reassurance that their needs will be met, no matter what happens to them in the future.

The Marques Eason Law Group can help you create an estate plan that will provide for your family's needs while also protecting your rights and making sure your wishes will be followed. We will advise you of the options available when addressing different situations that you may encounter, and we will help you prepare and execute all of the required legal documents. With our help, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for the future and that you and your family will have the resources you need.

Establishing Powers of Attorney

There are a variety of situations where you may want to give another person the authority to make decisions on your behalf. If you are planning to undergo surgery or another medical procedure that will leave you temporarily incapacitated, a power of attorney will allow you to name a person who will address your needs during this time. Powers of attorney can also be helpful for elderly individuals, ensuring that a person who is authorized to act on your behalf will carry out your wishes correctly.

A power of attorney functions as a legal agreement in which a person known as an "agent" will be authorized to make certain decisions for you. The decisions that can be made will depend on the type of power of attorney agreement. Powers of attorney fall into two categories:

  • Power of Attorney for Health Care - This will allow your agent to address issues related to your medical care and personal well-being. Depending on the specific decisions you allow your agent to make, they may be able to decide what types of treatment you will receive, whether certain procedures (such as surgery) will be performed, whether life-sustaining or pain-management treatment should be provided if you are terminally ill, or whether you will be admitted to a hospital, nursing home, or mental health facility.
  • Power of Attorney for Property - This will allow your agent to address financial issues and make decisions about your income, expenses, and property. Depending on the specific powers granted to your agent, they may be able to buy or sell property on your behalf, pay debts or expenses, manage business interests or investments, or address matters related to your taxes, insurance, or retirement benefits.

Powers of attorney provide a great deal of flexibility, since you can decide when an agreement will go into effect, how long it will last, and exactly what decisions your agent will have the authority to make. By choosing an agent you trust and providing them with instructions about how you want issues related to your medical care and/or property to be handled, you can make sure your wishes will be followed correctly.

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Whether you are looking to create a temporary power of attorney to address a specific situation or a long-term agreement that will ensure that your needs will be met if you experience health issues in the future, our firm can provide the legal help you need. We will offer guidance and advise you of your rights, helping you create an agreement that will meet your needs. Contact our office and begin building your estate plan by calling 773-973-3755. We serve clients throughout Chicago's South Side, including Chicago Ridge, Beverly, Oak Lawn, Matteson, Harvey, and Evergreen Park.

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