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Few people like to think about death, but it is important to remember that everyone's life will end at some point. By making plans for what should happen after your death, you can help your family members avoid additional confusion and distress, and you can also make sure your lovPoed ones will be provided for. One of the most important parts of the estate planning process involves creating a last will and testament that sets down your final wishes for how you want your affairs to be handled. By working with an experienced attorney, you can make sure your will fully details your wishes and addresses your family members' needs.

As you work to create a comprehensive estate plan, The Marques Eason Law Group can advise you of your rights, help you understand your options, and make sure all legal documents are created and executed properly. We will help you create a will to ensure that your last wishes will be followed correctly, and we can also assist with the creation of other estate planning documents, including powers of attorney and medical directives. With our help, you can address issues that affect you throughout the rest of your life while making plans for what you want to happen after your death.

The Importance of Creating a Will

Regardless of your age or health, you will want to make sure you have created a legal document that ensures that your wishes will be carried out correctly after your death. If you die without a will in place, the decisions on how your property will be distributed to your heirs will be based on Illinois' intestacy laws, without any regard to your actual wishes. In addition, if you have minor children, the court will decide on a person who will serve as their guardian, even if this is not the person you would have chosen.

By creating a will, you can provide instructions for how you want matters to be handled. This will help your loved ones avoid legal complications and ensure that they will be able to carry out your wishes. Your will may address:

  • Property distribution - You can decide who will receive the assets you own while also addressing how any outstanding debts will be repaid. This will allow you to provide financial resources for family members or other loved ones who may need assistance while also ensuring that items with sentimental value will go to those who will appreciate them.
  • Guardianship of your children - If you have minor children, you can ensure that they will be placed in the care of someone you trust. If you are planning to nominate a family member or another person to serve as the guardian for your children in the event of your untimely death, you will want to discuss these plans with that person and ensure that they will be willing and able to provide your children with a loving home and meet their ongoing needs.
  • The executor of your estate - You will need to name a person who will be responsible for carrying out the terms of your will. Your executor may be a family member or another person you trust, and they will file your will in probate court, take a full inventory of your assets, pay off any outstanding debts, and ensure that your property is distributed to your heirs according to your wishes.
  • Disposition of remains - You can make decisions about whether you wish to be buried or cremated and any other issues related to your bodily remains.

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As you consider what you want to happen after your death, we can help you create a will that meets your needs and provides for your family members. We will work with you to make sure your family will be prepared for the future. To get legal help with your will and other estate planning issues, contact us at 773-973-3755. We provide estate planning services to clients throughout Chicago's South Suburbs, including Oak Lawn, Beverly, Chicago Ridge, Evergreen Park, Harvey, and Matteson.

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