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No matter your age, estate planning can help you make decisions about what should happen after your death. During this process, you can also consider your wishes as you near the end of your life. This can be an important issue to address, especially if you are concerned about what you want to happen if you ever become terminally ill and are unconscious or unable to make decisions for yourself. By making decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time, you can be sure you will receive the proper treatment, and you can help your loved ones avoid the anguish of making difficult decisions on your behalf. One of the best ways to do address these issues is to create a living will.

When addressing matters related to your estate plan, you will want to work with an attorney who has a strong knowledge of the legal issues involved in the situations you and your family may face. At The Marques Eason Law Group, we will explain how a living will may benefit you, and we will help you create a legal document that will protect your rights and interests. With our help, you can make your wishes known, and you can make sure your loved ones will not have to make tough decisions during a difficult time.

What Is a Living Will?

Unlike a last will and testament, which will take effect after your death, a living will applies while you are still alive. With a living will, you can specify the kind of medical treatment you want or do not want in certain circumstances, such as being in a permanent vegetative state or having a terminal illness. A living will only applies in a situation where a medical professional determines that you have an incurable terminal illness and that death is imminent.

You can use your living will to specify which types of treatment you do or do not want in particular situations. Illinois law provides a standard declaration form that may be used, and this document will state that if you are ever terminally ill, and you have an incurable condition such that any treatment you receive will only delay your death, any treatments that would prolong the dying process should be withheld. This document will state that while you will not receive life-sustaining treatment, you should be provided with nutrition, medication, or any other forms of care that will provide you with comfort and ease the pain of your death.

While the standard living will described above can provide simple instructions that are meant to ensure that your needs will be met in the event that you are terminally ill, you can create your own document that will address specific situations and provide details about exactly what types of treatment and care you do or do not want to receive. For example, you may state that you do not want to be kept alive through the use of a ventilator, but you do want to use a feeding tube to administer nutrition. You can also detail how specific conditions should be addressed, such as whether you want to receive medication that will make you more comfortable if you are experiencing significant pain.

With your living will, you can make sure your wishes will be followed, even if you cannot express your desires to your loved ones or to medical professionals. As long as you are conscious and capable of making decisions, you will be able to direct your care. However, if you do become incapacitated and are diagnosed with a terminal condition, the decisions you made in your living will dictate the types of treatment you will receive. To ensure that your decisions will be followed, you will want to make sure your doctor is notified and provided with a copy of the living will. Discussing these issues with your loved ones will also help them understand the decisions you have made so that they will be able to make sure you receive the proper treatment.

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With a living will in place, you and your loved ones will be able to avoid uncertainty in the future. You can make sure you receive the treatment you want, and if you become terminally ill, you will be able to die with dignity and avoid pain and discomfort as much as possible. At The Marques Eason Law Group, we can advise you on which issues you should address in your living will, and we will help you make decisions about other issues related to your medical care and your estate. To get legal help with medical and financial issues during the estate planning process, contact us by calling 773-973-3755.

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