Attorney Marques Eason of The Marques Eason Law Group in Chicago, IL recently released I Ain't Done Living Yet: A Coronavirus Survivor Memoir after overcoming his battle with COVID-19. Marques concentrates his practice on real estate, residential and commercial real estate, probate, as well as family law and divorce. As a native of the Chicago area, he is passionate about helping clients in his local community. Marques has been recognized as an Elite Lawyer since 2020.


In his memoir, Marques shares his experience as a survivor of coronavirus. After suffering from symptoms including chest pain and difficulty breathing, he tested positive and was diagnosed in March of 2020. Marques was hospitalized for one month in the intensive care unit (ICU) at the University of Chicago Medical Center with severe health complications, including 15 days under sedation on a ventilator. He also underwent two blood transfusions, endured internal bleeding, pneumonia, and a stroke. Blood clots in his left leg and his right hand ultimately led to a condition that was found to have a poor prognosis for recovery and associated with fatalities in other COVID-19 patients. After treatment, the doctors determined that it was necessary to amputate the fingertips of his right thumb and index finger.

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