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A child's parents will have the right to make decisions about their lives, such as where they will go to school and the forms of medical care they will receive. Parents are required to provide their children with the necessary care, ensuring that their needs will be met at all times. However, there may be some situations where parents are unable to do so, and others may need to step in and assume the responsibility of caring for children. In these cases, a person may need to be named a child's legal guardian, which would give them the same rights and responsibilities as a child's parent. Legal guardianship may also be used in cases where an elderly or disabled adult needs assistance with their daily needs or requires help managing their financial affairs.

While guardianship can provide many benefits, there are a number of requirements that will need to be met, and the proper procedures must be followed to establish legal guardianship in probate court. The The Marques Eason Law Group can assist with these types of cases. We will ensure that you understand your rights as a legal guardian and the ongoing requirements that you will need to meet. We will also help address any concerns that may arise related to a person's rights to make decisions for themselves, and we will advise you about any issues that may affect your case in the future.

Guardianship for Minors

A person may be named as the guardian of a child after one or both of the child's parents have died. Guardianship may also be appropriate in other situations where a parent cannot provide care for a child, such as when a parent suffers from a debilitating illness or is incarcerated. While a parent's will may nominate a person that they would like to be the guardian of their child in the case of their death, a probate court must officially appoint a person as the child's guardian after determining whether they will be able to meet the child's needs.

A person may be named as a guardian of the person, guardian of the estate, or both. A guardian of the person will be responsible for meeting a child's ongoing needs, including providing them with a place to live, ensuring that they have the proper food and clothing, and attending to educational matters. A guardian of the estate will be responsible for managing the child's finances, including any property they own and any public benefits they are eligible to receive, ensuring that the child will have the necessary financial resources and allowing them to assume control of their finances once they reach adulthood.

Guardianship for Disabled Adults

In some cases, adults may experience issues that affect their ability to provide for their own needs. This can occur when an elderly person's physical or mental health deteriorates, or a person may suffer from a debilitating health condition or a serious injury that causes them to be unable to fully care for themselves. In these situations, a trusted person may step in to provide the necessary care and serve as a guardian of the person or guardian of the estate. Depending on the person's needs and their ability to manage certain tasks and activities, a court may choose to appoint a person as a limited guardian, which would restrict them to making certain types of decisions and handling certain areas of a person's life. If the court believes it is necessary, a person may be appointed as a plenary guardian, giving them full authority to make decisions on behalf of the disabled person.

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If you wish to be named the legal guardian of a child or a disabled adult, The Marques Eason Law Group can make sure you meet all of your legal requirements. If you want to make sure your rights will be protected when naming someone as your guardian, we can help you understand your options and address your concerns. To get legal help with matters related to guardianship, contact us at 312-973-3755. We work with clients in Cook County and Chicago's South Side, including Harvey, Evergreen Park, Oak Lawn, Beverly, Matteson, and Chicago Ridge.

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