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In the process of a residential real estate transaction, the acceptance of an offer is a huge milestone for both the buyer and the seller. For the buyer, it may represent the culmination of a long search for the right home, and for a seller, it can mean that efforts to market the home have been successful and that income to be put toward a new home is imminent. In reality, though, the moment that an offer is accepted is far from the end of the transaction. Several crucial steps remain before closing, and any of them can present difficulties for the buyer or seller that may delay finalization of the purchase or create stress and financial hardship in the future.

Buyers and sellers without legal representation run the risk of committing critical errors at this point in the process, but an experienced real estate attorney can decrease these risks by helping clients understand the terms of their agreements and attend to all important details, thereby smoothing the path to a successful closing. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in the South Suburbs of Chicago, The Marques Eason Law Group, has the legal knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goal.

Important Considerations for Buyers in Residential Closing

The events following an accepted offer involve a complex interplay between the buyer, seller, and several third parties, and each side has its own important considerations and steps to attend to in order to complete the closing. We represent both sides of the transaction out of recognition that in a successful closing, buyers and sellers alike should have a full understanding of the agreement and protection for their rights and interests.

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For buyers, one of the first and most important considerations is the real estate agreement contract. If you plan to use a real estate attorney for your closing, as we highly recommend, you should ensure that the contract includes an attorney review and modification provision before you sign it. This allows us a period of time to look over the contract with you, help you understand your rights and responsibilities according to its terms, and negotiate for terms that protect your interests, such as a property appraisal and survey, home inspection and mortgage contingencies, repairs for any damages, closing costs, and an agreeable closing date and purchase price.

We can also help buyers with the arrangement of a home inspection; review of the mortgage agreement; review of the title search results to determine whether the seller has any liens, easements, boundary disputes, or other issues with the property; preparation of closing documents; and attendance as your representative at the closing itself.

Representing Sellers in a Residential Closing

The contract review and modification period is equally important for sellers, as we want the opportunity to help you negotiate terms that are agreeable to you as the seller of the property. One of the most important aspects is how you are expected to respond to the results of a home inspection and any necessary repairs. We also help sellers with important steps to ensure the closing proceeds without a hitch, including making all legally required disclosures about the property, ensuring a timely title search, preparing your closing documents, and being present with you at the closing for the transfer of ownership.

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Sellers and buyers can both benefit from having an experienced real estate lawyer on their side, and our Attorney Marques Eason understands the needs of residents of the South Suburbs. Contact us today at 312-973-3755 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help. We assist with residential closings in Evergreen Park, Beverly, Chicago Ridge, Oak Lawn, Blue Island, Matteson, Glenwood, and the surrounding areas.

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